13 March 2011


I bought a new case and phone charm to cheer me up a little. Both shipped extremely fast. I have a weird obsession with Japanese style things and anything they turn cute which is...everything. Ill link both sellers down below. There aren't many good cases for the Nexus S and hopefully Casemate puts out their Pop case in a few weeks for it. This is by far the best case i've purchased for my phone. The size and feel of my phone has been compromised in every other case i've gotten except this one and i love that. Anyway here is a pic as well as both sellers.

**Also i dont have a place to hang a charm from my phone but it isn't hard to get creative and find a place to hang one. Mine is currently hanging from two button holes in the case that i just looped it through.**

She Likes Cute
She likes Cute 2
She like Cute 3
Ebay Seller for case




  1. Is that an Amzer Argyle? If so, they make great cases. I have a slew of them for my Captivate in a bunch of different colors (green, purple, red, orange, etc...)

  2. I have no idea. I have two Amzer silicon cases and hate how bulky they are. I caved with this one finally, i couldntget down with the argyle but i needed something slimmer.

  3. Those are my favorite cases and the only ones I use on my phones. I have them in every color! I hope you will love it :)