09 June 2011

Can We Talk About?: How I Won My Battle With Acne

I've always had horrible skin. Seriously. I played sports and was a tom boy, pair that with super sensitive skin and you have either severely dry skin from washing too much or acne from not washing enough. I could never find a balance that worked for me until recently.

I tried out a new face wash that I use twice a day. It's Target store brand and works as great as it smells. It also has beads... I don't know why but I feel like if it doesn't have beads or doesn't foam... it doesn't work. *shrug*
Note: This is the store brand item that is comparable to Morning Burst by Clean and Clear
Now I have combination skin, so I wash my face and the oily area feels great... how it should. But, the "normal" area of my face becomes dry. Cue Avon's AM/PM moisturizer. It is a small container split into two sections. One has a day cream that has SPF 15, very important for healthy skin as Cami has mentioned in a previous post. The other is a night cream. It's not a huge container, but you don't need to use much to get the job done.

After using both products for a week, I've come a lot closer to having the skin I've always wanted!

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