21 September 2011

Guess Who's Bizzack? DIY Treats for iPhone!

I've been SO busy lately but today i had an exam postponed and a class cancelled so i have a few minutes of free time. I went to Michael's tonight for something and wound up with a few things. The main thing I want to talk about is...Halloween goodie bags! I saw this DIY case on Pinterest right when i got my iphone and downloaded the app and had to do it. I didn't like the idea of fabric or just paper; i wanted something clear with a design. I found some scrap-booking paper (the kind i like is mylar) that was transparent with designs but of course it's kind of hard to find. Here is the one i first did with a sheet i found at Michael's. (If you don't have a Michael's near by, the designer of the paper is Anna Griffin and you can find her stuff online)

So while i was out today i realized....GOODIE BAGS!! They are almost always clear with different designs. Its perfect because you can make them for different holidays. I plan on using the left over bags for passing out halloween candy so they dont go to waste. I left my clear case in my car or i would go ahead and take a photo of what these look like on my phone. But, i'm sure you get the idea.

I also found some really pretty stickers that would make a nice design on a case but i dont want to stick them to the actual device or my clear case. So i figured plain clear paper/goodie bags/whatever would be cool. Just cut a sheet and stick them on however you like and then place it in the case!

Recently i saw these things called "plugys" on strapya-world.com and i didn't like how big and...obtrusive they seemed. They are little plugs that go in your headphone jack (to minimize dust that enters) but have a decoration on top. I saw somewhere on ebay a while back that i could order just the plug. I did that and then i ordered some deco pieces from etsy and glued them on top of the plug. I made sure they were tiny enough to not be overbearing on the phone. Here is what i came up with...

So the little plugs are made of silicone which might not be too great when it comes to adhering them to something else but...idc. I'm pretty gentle with my phone and mine stayed in place all day today. Lol. Anyway, i'll update this if i think of anything i forgot to mention. I got asked a lot of questions when i did these projects and can't remember most of what i wanted to say. Have a great end of the week!

P.s. I'll be mailing some of these plugs out this weekend to the people that asked first! I'm all out now but i may make some more in the future with different designs. :)