11 January 2012

My Top 4 Icon Sets

So there are a lot of people i know just getting into jailbreak tweaks and need some good ideas before they begin to discover their own faves. So here are my most frequented icon sets/themes.These should all be free and found in cydia or deviantart. I linked to deviantart so you could see them. But you can just download in Cydia.

1. Glasklart - transparent glassy set. Definitely my favorite. (link is just to a screen capture)

2. Suave - i've loved this set since my blackberry days, looks great with almost every wall. I also LOVE the badges in this theme. I have a link to extra badges in different colors that ill link in a favorite Badge post.

3. Touchit - I love the shape of these icons.

4. Soda - I used these the most when i was android!

Happy tweaking.



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