26 June 2012

Polka Bow

I was really considering charging for this theme, but I realized that that's not what it's about for me. When I came to iPhone, the theme community worked together and we made our phones more bearably to look at as a team. I want to keep in the spirit of this so enjoy Polka Bow :). I'll make signals, page indicators and a few other goodies to match when I get a moment. If you have any questions, comments, concerns etc you can reach me at PrettyMixedBish@gmail.com or on twitter/kik: PrettyMixedBish. Can't wait to see your screenshots, make sure to add me on instagram, same username.

PolkaBow Comes with about 35ish icons, folder icon/switcher background and a matching SMS theme. Your app store icons will theme to cloud shapes. I'll release an update with more icons when I stop being lazy!

You can find the HK Zep and Chinacat font @ iPhantom.me


  1. Thanks so much for making these free to download!! I feel like all the cute themes now are paid & though I realise that it takes a load of time & effort, I can't afford to be buying all the themes I want to make my phone pretty haha. Thanks so much (: they're soooooo cute!

  2. It's cute themes :) I also wanna by your wallpaper >.<

  3. Love the theme and I agree with everything you stated. Thanks for making it free!

  4. I love these little clouds. Was there no weather or iPod icon made? Both of mine are stock icons when I activate this theme.

    1. Not yet, I themed all the icons I use the most working on an update with more icons :)

  5. CUUUUUTE! adding you now!!! thanks for the generosity!

  6. This is so cute

  7. hello! is the link broken? :-(