24 February 2011

Android Freebies

I've been looking around for a hello kitty andy to no avail so i decided to create my own in the form of an android wall. I am also posting an HK dock i made using icons that you can download from here.

I also found some cute images and turned them into walls. Credit goes out to deviant Rainbow Machine for the rainbow wall, no clue where the others are from but they arent my images. Shanice is my iphone queen so if you're looking to use these for iphone im sure she'd love to resize them for you. :D *nudge* I also plan to create an apple hello kitty tomorrow then that will be the end of HK for a while lol. So check back for it. :)

If you don't have any experience with different launchers that allow you to change your dock let me know if it would be helpful and i will post a tutorial! (I may just do it anyway) I'm currently using ADW Ex instead of Launcher Pro because for some reason i can't get the dock to change properly on gingerbread. *Shrug*

Also, this is the only time i'll say this. Please take note of the terms of use found in multiple places here and my deviantart that will be up and running soon.

**These walls can now be found in my dropbox gallery under the designated tab**

*To save the dock just right click the image and click save image as*



I do not own any rights to Hello Kitty.


  1. Love 'em all! Keep up the great work! :D

  2. Thanks for the goodies Cami!

  3. These are cute but I'm a newbie at using the different launchers. I have launcherPro and I don't know if ADW launcher is better. So can you please do a tutorial and maybe say which is the better launcher. Thank you.

  4. Thanks for all the info, very helpful!

  5. I love the dock :) Thanks for the goodies.

  6. I am a novice in while using distinct launchers. We've launcherPro and i also have no idea if ADW launcher is much better. You can as well remember to a training as well as perhaps point out which is the greater launcher. Thank you.

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