23 February 2011

Hey Everyone!

I finally did it! Haha! I've been saying for the longest that i would jump on over to what you blackberry users might call the dark side of blogging. I'm so sorry to abandon you (slightly) like this! The old blog will remain up with all the info for my blackberry theme clubs that you need as well as a link back to here just in case you lose your way. ;)

It's so crazy looking back that i've been doing BB themes for almost a year now! I have come a very long way and have met some wonderful people in the process. They are the reason i keep providing everything you need/want for your devices. This blog will grow into a few things (over the weekend i hope). The first being tips on how to theme/root/ssh/widetize or whatever it is that you need help with. Yes i made up a word in there. I'll also be providing walls, icons, and docks you can use. Once i have my creative commons license set up and deviantart page in the works everything will be good to go. The first thing you might see will be a dropbox to walls and fonts until i can get that other stuff done. :) I've seen lots of gals look for a "go to" blog for cute or just feminine stuff for their phones and my goal is to make this the place.

I'm looking forward to it!!




  1. Woo hoo!! I'm totally looking forward to this site taking off. Can't wait for the dropbox to be up and going. :)

  2. I switched from Blackberry to Android. thanks for starting up the site

  3. YAY!!! Finally a girly Android blog! Can't wait for updates!