26 June 2011

Lola's Good Word of the Day

Hi, ladies!!

No cute quotes to go with this one, because it's based on something that I saw, so here's a brief story.

For some reason, or another, I found myself watching Martha Stewart. She had beauty icon Bobbi Brown on and she was making up teenage girls, to go along with Martha's "slumber party" theme. Anyway, she was putting make up on these girls and explaining her method, as she goes. It wasn't so much technique, as it was a strict belief system on how things should go, when applying make up. The word "enhance" was used to describe it, and that was the most accurate description for it. She was enhancing the existing beauty of the young woman.

If you have ever had a makeover at the Bobbi Brown counter, you have heard the people who work there spout the gospel according to Bobbi. "Put blush on the apples of the cheeks." "Correct before you conceal." "Use a nice neutral gloss." Blah, blah, blah, this could go on for days. I swear it didn't occur to me, until this show that Bobbi isn't painting faces. The gurus we love and spend our days imitating are EPIC, in our eyes, because of their seamless blending and effects. I love them, too! However, I am enjoying having this new little voice, in the back of my head that says that make up application isn't about turning my face into a makeup display; it's about the enhancement of the preexisting art work.

Today, I want you to apply your make up like someone who loves everything they see, in the mirror... And then make that the start of a journey towards actually loving everything that you see, in the mirror. Use that make up to make those brown eyes browner, or those green eyes greener! Use it to make your full lips bring grown men to their knees! Use it to ENHANCE... Not to cover your face.

Have a beautiful day!


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