24 June 2011

One of those moments...

I usually say some pretty ridiculous things but...they tend to be funny from time to time. A few people know i love clorox...it cleans...EVERYTHING. I was pouring some in a spray bottle a few minutes ago (ill tell you why down below) and i thought of this and tweeted it...

Lol right? I figured it would make a great wall for me and my fellow clorox junkies. (Ferf, Nessa, lo, sha...lol.) I wonder if anyone has said this yet? i googled it and found nothing so i had to make one myself. Maybe itll get popular and ill initiate a widespread appreciation for clorox.

Anyway, if you buy tons of cleaning products for the house...please stop unless using clorox in your home would be dangerous (e.g. children?) lol. I do NOT scrub my shower often because i spray it every couple of days with clorox. The buildup DISAPPEARS before your eyes. Not kidding you lol. When i do want to scrub it i use the Mr Clean Magic erasers, which everyone knows i love as well. It aint clean if it dont smell like clorox!!! Ill make this wall for android later, i have a busy weekend.

Have a great one!



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