21 June 2011

Quick iPhone Theming Tip

Hi, girlie girls!

I just noticed that, in the poll, there was an overwhelming amount of you who want to hear about phones, still! If you follow me, on Twitter, you know that I'm the trial and error queen and LOVE to offer iPhone help, when needed. I am no mastermind, but I have been able to pull off a decent looking screen, from time to time. ANYWAY!! If you're like me, you hate that you can't just not have any icons, on the homescreen. I like to see my wallpaper and I don't want icons all over it! Especially in the case of dbar themes, there's a lot going on, on the screen that I want to be able to see. There are a few ways around this problem.

  1. A transparent icon: I mentioned this is my theming tutorial, a few months ago. You can take any app that you don't use much and replace it with a transparent icon. Place that icon on your homescreen and it's just like you have a regular icon, on the screen. For this, you have to remove icon shadows and undocked icon labels.
  2. Gridlock: This tweak lets you move icons anywhere on the screen. You could position your icons wherever they do no interrupt the flow of your homescreen.
  3. iBlank: This app lets you place up to 100 blank icons, on the screen. There is no label attached to the icon and it comes with a built in shadow removing tweak.
I have done all of these, but my favorite is the iBlank method! Pics, below!

Inside of the iBlank app

iBlank used on this homescreen

(Special thanks to Lucy and Dawn for the theme and whomever the wall artist was! I went through my usual sites and could not recall which I got it from. Tweet me or comment underneath, if you know whose it is!)




  1. That wallie was made by sweetbbtreats

  2. I downloaded iBlank but how do I get the icons black on the first page of my home screen? I have a blank second page and how will I be able to use m icons again