04 June 2011

Why Did I Buy: Hard Candy Glamoflauge Concealer?!

**Nail polish: Sally Hansen Hard Ass Nails in Bubblegum Pink**
I would first like to say that, this blog has been a few different things and well...evolving is good. Lola, Sha, and I all have similar interests which includes writing about the things we experience. Whether it be our phones, beauty products, or men. And thats what this is now going to be about. Ask us questions about products and we'll tell you if we've used them or recommend them to us and for others to see in the comments. You can also ask us for advice and we'll give it to you how we see it. Anyhoo...lets get this shiz rollin...

I heard so many people rave about this ghetto ass concealer that i HAD to have it. $6??!!! Im there. So i went to THREE different Wal-Marts to get the medium shade of this concealer. Which is a huge downside to it in the first place. I guess since there are only 3 shades of women on the planet they should only sell that many. -_- Light, Medium, and Dark. I'm never a "dark" shade in anything because i have a yellow/bronze tone so i stay away from it. Anyway, so i finally get the medium one and I'm doing some Cirque du Soleil shit out of Wal-Mart cause I'm so happy.

Then the next day....HORROR. I put it on under my studio fix foundation because i figured since its so thick it won't move around when i put foundation on. Which it didn't. Maybe two and a half hours later I'm in the school restroom washing my hands and look up in the mirror to see...

...and no one was standing behind me! That was MY ass in the mirror with a cakey splotch! FYI I never wear much makeup especially to school. I put on just enough to cover a couple spots and even out my skin tone but that day i had to go to my assigned High School that i would be working at all semester so I couldn't look a hot mess.

So moral of the story is. If you want cakey concealer, buy glamoflauge. Its got perfect coverage, bad shade choice, shitty longevity, and makes your face look like a bakery. Have at it. lol.



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