06 June 2011

Cami's Faves: Summer Edition

So everyone is always on the hunt for great skin products during the summer, more often than not they want those that make you appear to be bronze. I live in San Antonio where it is overwhelmingly dry in the summer (like we have seasons *rolls eyes*) so i typically need better hydrating products for my feet, legs and arms. But thats just what happens with MY skin. Also, coming right out of winter I'm not really........true to color. Lol. I remember sitting outside by the pool and my buddy told me my "black is fading away." Smh. Anyway, here are some favorite products of mine right now two of which I'm sure you'd love year round.

The first product is Sally Hansen Air Brush legs in tan glow. I know the skirts and dresses come out for summer and for particular occasions you may want to create the illusion of pantyhose. (Its WAY too hot for all that) This product is UHMAZING for making flawless looking legs. If you do try it out (which you should) i'd recommend using a glove and spraying it into the gloved hand then rubbing it onto your legs. I really didn't want to deal with getting that off of my palms. It takes a few to completely dry so i would wait before putting any clothes on after you apply it. It seriously transforms your legs and makes it seem as if you're wearing pantyhose. I bought the tan glow and its great for me. Its also water resistant and it just takes some soap and water to get off in the shower. EZ mode for great legs.

Next...BABY OIL. Yeah. Baby oil. Surprisingly ive always had baby oil in my apartment just...never used it like its meant to be used..

Anyway, i use the gel with shea and cocoa butter when i get out of the shower and sweet mother of Anakin my skin is crazy soft. I always get compliments on the texture of my skin which is usually just smooth on its own, so when i say this made it soft-er, believe me lol. It also gives you a nice shine, almost barbie-like, to your skin. But not overdone of course. Try it. Use a CVS coupon, love that place. So if you hate it, oh well you don't lose. Go get some extra care bucks and spend it on some baby oil.

Baby Oil...Yeah...nectar of the Gods...

Ok sooo next up is Jergens Natural Glow daily moisturizer. Its basically a gradual self tanning lotion thats not streaky or orange. If you try it, make sure you get the firming one. You'd think firming lotions would be mad expensive if they really work right? This. Shit. Works. Rub it. Firm it. Love it.

Yes yes, i know.

So basically its just an amazing firming moisturizer that happens to give you a bit of color gradually.

Favorite shades of mine during the summer for nails are goldish bronze colors, nudes, and pinks. I LOVE this Bubblegum pink color by Sally Hansen Hard Ass Nails. Love it. People always ask me what it is. Its the perfect pink. The other is Revlons Copper Penny. Revlon makes really good polishes so if you're spending $20 on 2 polishes, take your ass to CVS and chill.

In the background on my laptop screen youll see a photo of a water bottle. Its called....the Bobble. Lol. I just ordered one so i can't show you mine or tell you how much i love it but my dads friend had one and she swears by it so i had to grab one for myself. I drink tons and tons and tons of water everyday so buying bottled water isn't very eco friendly nor is it affordable. I drink tap VERY often. Btw, Austin, TX should sell their tap water. I've never seen it any clearer than that. Anyhoo, tap wont hurt you get over it, you ingest worse things in your meat. The bobble purifies the water through the little tube looking thing in the middle. So you just fill it and when you drink it flows through. Not hard. I think you can use each purifier like 150 refills or something like that. I got the 1 liter and it wasnt expensive. I saw the replacement filters being sold at Old Navy so i don't know if they have the bobbles themselves, someone said Aerie also sold them. *shrug* Check it out though if you drink water. Which you should. Water is hydrating and cleansing and good for the skin...so if your skin sucks...drink mo wata. And if you don't youll probably look like this at 40...

Have a great week ladies.




  1. i have super soft skin as well...i get compliments on it, & some lotions make my skin seem so rough! im DEFINITELY lookin into getting that baby oil. thanks for lettin me no about that!

  2. I've been using Jergens Natural Glow daily moisturizer for years and it's surprisingly cheap here in Canada. I love it! I do love Revlon nail polish. My fave right now Ocean breeze.Also my son and i only drink tap water. I agree it isn't bothering us @ all.

  3. What i wonder is from what movie is that lady from? :))