12 July 2012

Ask Lola 07/12/12

Guys, I will no longer be answering questions left, in the comments, because I always miss them.  Follow me on Twitter or Instagram to ask me questions. @a_lola_coaster is the name for both.


Q: How do I remove all the numbers from behind the time in StatusBarCustomClock?

A: If there is a sequence of numbers, following the time, on your status bar, when StatusBarCustomClock is activated, remove fm from the end of the date format, in the settings.


Q: I downloaded the theme and I have iFile.  How do I get the theme ONTO iFile?

A: iFile is a file explorer, so all it does is give you access to all the files, on your phone, and allow you to move and change them.  I do not entirely understand how you have the themes separate from iFile, because iFile should be showing you everything that's on your phone.  I can show you how to download them onto iFile, for future reference, though.

Once you tap a theme download link, this is what you should see this screen:

There is a button that says "Open in iFile" and that's the button you're supposed to hit.  Once it opens iFile, your next screen should look like this:

You select the Unarchiver option.  Unarchiver is the equivalent of unzipping a file.  Selecting that will unzip the file and the unzipped file is the one you move to var>stash>themes, in iFile.

A hint as to where var>stash>theme is, is the fact that if you look at the screenshot above, it says that you are in var>mobile>documents.  If you back out of documents and mobile, you will end up in var, and you can enter stash from there.

As a general rule, if you go into Winterboard and see .zip after any of your themes, go back into iFile and Unarchive them.  A zipped theme will not activate in Winterboard.


Q: I can't get my HK Zeppelin on my status bar, not even through Winterboard.

A: You don't activate a Zeppelin through Winterboard.  Put the Zeppelin in library>zeppelin, in iFile, and activate it in Settings.


  1. After i go through and hit 'unarchiver' how to I add it in the stash?

  2. On the top left hand corner it says var click it and scroll Down ull see stash click it and copy and paste te theme

  3. I can't find you on twitter!