13 July 2012

Ask Lola 7/13/12


Q: Once I download the leopard theme, how do I move it to the Stash file and activate?

A: First things first, you need iFile.  Once in iFile, cut and paste the theme to var>stash>themes. After that, you can activate it in Winterboard.

(For anyone else reading this, var>stash>themes is a file path.  If you cannot read a file path, this is one of those things I am not teaching.  You must learn to read a file path or you will be lost.  A hint is that on the top of the screen, in iFile, it tells you the file path.)


Q: Do you know how to delete things out of iFile?

A: Tap edit, select what you want to delete, tap the garbage can, confirm the delete, and tap done.

There were several question about the graphic side of theme making, also, but I want to remind you guys that I am not a themer.  Camille, Shanice, and Ferfious make the themes and I just happen to be knowledgable about the tech end of it.

With any other questions, contact me on Twitter or Instagram: @a_lola_coaster

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