15 July 2012

Ask Lola 7/15/12


Q: How do you get the weather and temperature next to the battery?

A: That's called WeatherIcon.  You can download it in Cydia and set it to display the icon and temperature, in your status bar.


Q: I just downloaded the leopard icons from your blog.  Once downloaded, onto the computer, how do I get them on my phone?

A: You would have to SSH it.  It would be easier to download it, directly onto your phone, using iFile.

(For everyone else reading, I gave Chelsea a link to iDownload Blog in order to teach her how to SSH.  Primarily my reasoning was because I was out, at the moment, and teaching something like the SSH process is a bit too difficult to explain in 140 characters, or less. Once I actually got home, it occurred to me that I had not intended to do another SSH post, after my other one popped up missing.  Learning to SSH, like everything else that has to do with dealing with your jailbroken phone, is as simple as Google.  Google is how all of us learned, so if I don't know an answer or need a quick resolution to a problem, that's where I'm going.  Here's the link to learn how to SSH, but learn iFile.  The process is exactly the same.  Here's also a link back to a question I answered, for @LOVE52912 about getting themes into iFile.  This should be able to assist.)


Q: If I'm using a UI, do I need to uncheck that, if I want to use a theme?

A: No, you don't need to uncheck it, in Winterboard.  Just make sure that the theme you activate is moved to the top of the list.

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  1. I've pretty much got things down pat, the one thing a cant get are the hello kitty weather icons in my notification center they're on my status bar just fine. Please help ?!