15 July 2012

For Your Jailbroken Information

Hi, all!

I figured I would take a minute to answer some questions that you guys probably would not know to ask, as well as a little insight into how you can go from noob to pro, relatively quickly.

  • It's all as simple as Google. You can pretty much find all the general stuff on Google.  Before you get frustrated, just type your question in and see what you find.  That's how a lot of us learned.
  • Files and their contents are case sensitive.  Something as simple as having a wallpaper labeled .Png, instead of .png, can be the difference between your theme working and it not working.  Watch your capitalizations.
  • If everyone else has something, from Cydia, and you can't find it in the search, it's probably because it is from a source that you don't have added.  I made mention of sources here, in regards to the StatusBarCustomClock tweak.  You can visit and get an understanding of how you would add a new source.
  • You must be able to read a file path.  If you can't read a file path, you will not know where to put your themes and I will not be able to direct you, if you don't know where you are or where you're going.
  • Before you download something, check out the person's site.  Every themer explains where their files go, in iFile.  However, they-- like I-- will only explain it once.  If you back read, you can usually find where they explained it.
  • Theming your phone is trial and error.  I remember damn near all of us crashing our phones, at once, for the same reason. (LOL) We downloaded a new font, from Cydia, and the file was corrupted.  It took some of us longer than others, but I know that I got on Google and learned how to fix it.  Quite frankly, if you're not willing to accidentally fuck up your phone, you probably shouldn't be jailbroken. 
  • There's no such thing as unjailbreaking.
  • Don't take a jailbroken phone to Apple because they will not fix it.
  • If you end up using DFU mode, you can pretty much bet that your phone won't be jailbroken, when it comes back up.
  • ALWAYS make sure your keyboard and font is stock before updating.  It may stay altered and, if there isn't a jailbreak for the software update and you need to take your phone to Apple, you will be SO screwed.  You won't be able to change it back until there's a jailbreak.
  • The placement of a theme, in Winterboard, may affect if it works or not.  If you want to use a signal theme, for example, over a theme that already has signals, you would have to move the signal theme above the active theme.  That will override the signals in the existing theme.
That's all for now!  If you have any questions, just ask!


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  1. Hey Lola I have a quick question I'm a fast learner in I feel real dum for asking but I have downloaded the hd sauce icons from off another site and I have rename the icons which ones I want them to b4 as such however when I copy in paste to name ie. Facebook.png and facebook@2.png you know I can't get the icons to work any tips or advice and I'm using Iifile by the way