18 July 2012

Ask Lola 7/17/12


Q: I have downloaded the hd sauce icons from off another site and I have rename the icons which ones I want them to before as such however when I copy in paste to name ie. Facebook.png and facebook@2.png you know I can't get the icons to work any tips or advice and I'm using iFile by the way.

A. Newby, the first thing is I have to ask that you don't ask any questions in the comments.  I almost missed it, because I don't remember to look for them.  In the future, try Twitter or Instagram and my name is @a_lola_coaster on both of them.  Okay now, as I mentioned once before, themes in iFile are case sensitive.  Also, you have to put an x after the 2.  You would name the files Facebook.png and Facebook@2x.png.  A good way to make sure you're creating a theme right is by using another theme, as a reference, and swapping out the image files, to insure they are named correctly.

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