19 July 2012

Important!! Please please read!!!

I need to clear things up about the people that contribute to my blog. I am the owner of this blog, Cami or @camillitaryy on twitter. I postmostly themes or wall updates to my Dropbox. @prettymixedbish or Shanice has posted a few themes on here as well. Lola or @a_lola_coaster DOES NOT make themes. She only posts tutorials or answers yalls questions. @ferfious has posted a couple text themes in the past but rarely posts at all. Please be mindful of who is posting what. You can find our names of the bottom of each post. Thank yall for stopping by and reading this!!!! It helps us work better to answer questions. Xoxo Cami


  1. can you make a iTunes, weather, and maps to go with the cheetah icons?!

  2. Hi I was wondering if you would be able to make cheetah icons for pandora and tweetlogix :) I love your theme it's sooo cute