04 July 2012

Hk Bow Signals, icons and Zeppelin!

Someone sent me a pic of something they wanted me to try and create and well....this is all i could come up with. Ill edit the calendar icon later. This is the last icon set ill be making for a while because i need to make more of the pink ones and leopard ones. I also will add to this set if the person i made them for enjoys them.

I also created a set of bow signals for someone, and i made my first two zeppelins. One is panda kitty the other is cactus kitty.


(you can download these to your phone but you will need ifile to move/unzip the folders to the themes file within your phone and then activate with winterboard.)

Download icons
Download bow signals
Download panda kitty zeppelin
Download cactus kitty zeppelin



  1. What about bow wifi too? (:

  2. So cute! Thanks for giving this out free as some are charging nowadays :(

  3. Thank u Cami for sharing this goodies with us, and for free too, as someone else pointed out :), super cute!

  4. My photo icon didnt change. How can i change?

  5. Omg im so happy! Thanks

  6. how do I get the bow signals icons to stay? when I open messages it goes back to the regular signal bars! please help.

  7. just wondering, if you plan on making a matching wifi signal?

  8. most of the pictures can't be seen D: domain is unregistered

  9. How do I save it to I file?

  10. How do i download ifile or get the bows to open in my computer?

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  14. Can this be downloaded for android?