04 July 2012

Ask Lola Theming Tips

Hi, all!

This is Lola, coming to invade your computer screens! (LOL) If any of you forgot I post here, it's okay. So did I.  However, I am definitely one third of this three the hard way.  I am the part of this group that has no graphic skills, whatsoever.  I can tell you how to theme your phone and fix mostly any problem, but I can't make a slider, or signal, to save my life!

People have been on my Instagram (a_lola_coaster) and my inbox on Twitter (@a_lola_coaster) asking me questions about how I theme my phone and I feel the need to resurrect a couple old posts, and add a little bit of info, so that this becomes a one stop shop for all your theming needs.  The things that folks hate that you ask, I will be answering.  The only stupid questions are the ones I answered already. I will  not keep repeating myself, but I will direct you to the answers.

My first step in not answering what I answered already is to resurrect an old post I made.  You'll find that post, right here, and it's my Basic iPhone Theming post.  El once told me that this post taught her to theme, so I'm rather proud of it (LOL). My old SSH post is gone, which is okay, because the only themes you'd have to SSH, these days, are Droplr links and, quite frankly, there is a way around that too.  iFile works exactly as SSHing does, only it's more convenient.  If there is anyone who doesn't know how to use iFile, I can do a tutorial, but you must keep in mind I work a full time job and it won't be instant.

Anyway, follow me and tweet any JB question to @a_lola_coaster and the answers will be featured here, on Delightfully Apple!

Look forward to hearing from you!



  1. hi can you do a tutorial? im lost

    1. Anonymous,

      A tutorial on what, exactly? There are many aspects that could be explained, but I just need to know which you're lost on.

  2. once downloading a theme how do you instal to phone?