09 July 2012

Regarding Your Questions...

Hi, all!

Okay, I realize that I wasn't really specific about things I could and couldn't answer. Because some of you are really unfamiliar, with jailbreaking, I can't expect you to give me specific questions about specific aspects. I'm going to break it down a little so that I can help you help me get your questions answered.

1. I am not doing any tutorials on how to jailbreak your phone. I can only help you AFTER you have jailbroken. There are instructions provided with the exploit and I think you would benefit most by following the creator's instructions. In all seriousness, if you find those instructions to be too complicated, you should not be jailbreaking your phone. It could cause you to do irreparable damage that voids your warranty.

2. If you ignore my first statement and jailbreak it, anyway, any tweaks you use are your responsibility. I will tell you how to use it, but if you send your phone into an endless loop of safe modes and Apple screens, I am not taking responsibility and I'm not helping you unbrick it. That could take days.

3. The word "theme" doesn't necessarily mean that everything on your phone will be affected, upon its activation. An icon theme will not affect your signals, nor will a signal theme affect your icons. In many cases, you will have to theme each area, separately.

4. A tweak is what affects how things behave, on your phone. Example: In the screenshot, below, there are several tweaks active. There's No Homescreen Gradient, which gets rid of that dark area at the bottom of your homescreen. There's iBlank that creates a blank or clear icon. The point of creating a blank icon is so that you will be able to make it appear as though there are no icons on the top part of the screen. If you've ever tried to take all the icons and move them to the second screen, then you know that it isn't possible. Then there's the KING of all tweaks that is Springtomize. It can change anything. Be advised that an unstable tweak can FUCK your phone up.

5. If you don't know how to download a theme and make it work, specifically tell me you all need to know how to download a theme and make it work.

6. If you don't know where to find the theme you saw me using, tell me specifically that you need to know where I got the theme from.

I think that's all, guys, so let's try this again. @a_lola_coaster on Twitter or Instagram, with your questions! :-)



P.S. Thanks to Phantom, Kiarah, El, and whomever make the wall, for the thing used in the screen below.


  1. i love your screen! where did you get your weather icon from? they're super cute!

  2. How do you get the sideways heart in between the date & time?

  3. hi. where đi you get the weather icon . and how did you do weather icoin like that??

  4. How did you get your days and date to format like that?

  5. How do u put the date and the weather there? :)

  6. Where can I get the icons from?

  7. how do you get your time and date there together?

  8. Can you please tell me how to make the date and weather like that

  9. Where can I get the weather and calender widget?????

  10. Hi there. I was wondering where the icons used in the above picture came from? Are they something you guys made, or are selling? Or did you purchase them elsewhere? They're wonderful icons. So fun. Thanks