09 July 2012

Leopard Pink SMS Theme and Mini Icon set!

I colored these icons a while back and never used them. I saw an old Ashabees wallpaper from the blackberry days and wanted to remake it and thought these icons were cute with it. I wont be adding to this set since the pink/leopard sets are popular. (Ill be making the requested icons for those soon, keep checking back) You can find the wallpaper within the theme file, or you can look through my iphone wall dropbox. The wall was created by me. :) I also wanted a leopard sms theme so this is what i came up with. When the other person is typing, little paw prints appear. :) Enjoy!

(for use with winterboard)

Download Mini Icons!

Download Leopard SMS Theme!
Alternative zebra SMS background
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  1. Love the icons! And is there any chance you can share your wallpaper?

  2. Ignore my above comment. I should've read your post first. My bad. :(

  3. Super cute just my send button sits different on my phone not like in the pic :(

    1. Send a screen shot to my email.

  4. Is there a reason my pic icon didn't change? These r super cute :) keep up the good work!!!!

  5. Is it possible to make these into status bar icons
    Thank you💓

  6. So I'm new to this and do I download from my phone? Because mine is saying it can't download

  7. how do i get this onto my phone? i have a jailbroken 5.1.1 and winterboard!

  8. do you have a post on how to put hello kitty on as the carrier? i've been looking SO hard on how to! If not, would you consider making a post on it? x

  9. The photo and calendar icons don't change. Does this work on iphone4 5.1.1?

  10. How come when I try to download it on dropbox it says it's an invalid file? Help

  11. where do i ssh this to please?