19 June 2011

Can We Talk About: What's in my Bag?

I'm a simple, simple girl. My bag is from H&M, it ran me around 40 bucks. Now before I start listing it's contents... I have to admit I have a problem with Avon. My mom has sold Avon products for years so a lot of products I recommend and use will be from there. There's of course my iPad, my keys, my flash drive, work lock, box cutter and mace. All the daily essentials for work and roaming the city if Philadelphia. My coach wristlet that I use as a wallet, car ex, chap-ice and Avon deodorant. My notebook that I jot just about every random thing I'll need to use or thoughts that I want to remember later and a bunch of pens to write these things down with (I'm a pen addict). My beauty products are limited to curl activator from Avon, and my Avon naturals lotion.... And that's about it! Lol

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