17 June 2011

Dirty Toothy Tabs... Accurate.

Hi, all!

So... I am a Lush addict. I love all things Lush and I rarely have anything negative to say about them. I have had some painful Lush experiences, of late. One was the Charity Pot lotion in my new shirt incident. (Dish washing liquid gets oil stains out of clothing. Tide with color safe bleach does NOT.) The other one was what just happened, tonight.

Earlier this month, Lush released the Dirty line. Dubbed its first line exclusively for men, it has peaked my interest since its initial release, in the UK, a few month ago. (If I'm going to buy it for a man, it's gonna have to do one hell of a job!) I went out of town the week of the release, and there are no Lush stores in South Carolina, so I didn't make it to see the line until Saturday and I didn't actually try any of the gender neutral products, until today.

I say all that to say Dirty Toothy Tabs. A "Toothy Tab" is supposedly a man's answer to quick teeth brushing. It's literal little tablet, a little smaller than the size of a Tums. You chew it with your front teeth, it foams and you brush. It "guarantees oral pleasure" on the box. (LMAO!) Unfortunately, I am not convinced.

First things first, it is literal foam... Like foam party foam. There's very little mint in it, so the minty freshness of it all is lost on this product. My teeth feel clean, when I run my tongue across them, but the experience was completely unpleasant. At 24 years old I had an unsatisfactory teeth brushing experience. (LOL) It tasted like baking soda and I hated every lousy minute of it!

With that being said, if you need an emergency clean, on the go, and don't mind no mint or fluoride (I wouldn't recommend prolonged use of this product as your sole toothpaste.) you can run on out and get you a pack. -_-

I'm going to brush my teeth over again.



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