16 June 2011

Lola's Good Word of the Day

You can only get what you're open enough to receive. - Me

Sometimes, it isn't enough just to be open minded. We must have an open heart and a willingness to take whatever life deals, in order to get closer to the GREAT things, in life. Every ex and every broken heart brought you closer to your soulmate and that special thing that made your spirit unbreakable. Instead of shutting down and putting up walls, we need to open up and embrace each thing as though it were pump priming us for that one true thing.

Today, I want you to be open to new experiences! Be shamelessly optimistic about each thing you receive, even if it isn't your one true thing! In a way, I'm saying don't block your blessings. Take the good with the bad and be grateful for whatever you receive. Let openness be your gift, today!



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