15 June 2011

Whats in my: Makeup Bag!

The other day i tweeted a photo of my ridiculous overflowing makeup bag that was in my purse. I finally decided to downsize because my shoulder has been hurting lol. So, while going through what i reaaaally need (which was painful) i thought I'd snap a pic of all the things i currently had in there.

Lol ok so starting at the top left...

There are two shinesational glosses (love), covergirl wetslicks (which suck dont know why its there), 3 bath and body works glosses (BERRY, menthashine, liplicious?), lemonade one from old navy, say yes to carrots, and a NYC gloss. My favorite out of all of these is the lemonade one from old navy and the BERRY one from bath and body works. The B&BW one has a little bit of shimmer in it and its really smooth.

Of course i carry wisps, tide to go, floss, and stolen buffalo wild wings hand wipes and errr some panty liners lol. I carry a costco pack of wipes in my car and usually wipe....everything i touch. lol.

The Band-Aid thing that looks like deoderant is nifty. Its a friction block stick that you rub on your skin where ever your shoes are irritating you and it stops. I typically only buy shoes right when i need to wear them (lol) and they kill my feet because the leather hasn't broken in. So, its a life saver. Bandaids tend to come off unless you use the water proof ones because they adhere better. But thats just ugly.

A random cocktail ring...a couple hair ties...a hello kitty mirror that i purchased from sephora back in January when the collection came out.

From the left, MAC lipstick in "Prrr", a couple lip glosses from a christmas set, lip glass (i think) in Angel, my FAVORITE NYX lipgloss in beige, a pink nyx lipstick, a maybelline (maybe its maybelline? cant remember and i put it all up already lol) lipstick in a deep purplish color, revlon lilac gloss, 3 wet n wild glosses (love the one in cotton candy and super cheap), blistex (blah), carmex (yay), nivea grapefruit gloss thing (love), nivea honey balm (meh), and some ABYSMAL sally hansen lip product that is supposed to reduce the appearance of lines in your lips. Its SO cheap feeling and comes off in minutes. Dont waste your money. Excuse me while i throw it away....

Last over there is a Loreal hip jelly balm which i LOVE. The color is super scary looking but it doesnt come out that dark. These aren't available in most places anymore. I did see them randomly somewhere the other day but there was only 3. I dont think they make them anymore, i got this dark color online. I think its called succulent? Its the darkest of all the shades.

I also had an EOS lip balm floating around the bottom of my purse. I don't know why people rave so much about that balm, its ok. Definitely not a favorite. I prefer to feel like i just put something on my lips, not just rubbed some wax on them and wonder if i actually put it on right. -_-

Thats not as much as i thought i had...hmm. Lol. Well my makeup bag is now half the size it normally is. I never carry around powder or eye makeup or concealer or foundation because i think its gross to put more makeup on throughout the day not to mention hideous at times. But, whatever floats your boat. If you like it i love it.

Cheers ladies!




  1. I just saw this and I'm CONVINCED you need yo ass beat! (LOL) I got an ugly girl's makeup collection and you got an ugly girl's makeup bag. Maybe if ugly girls followed our lead they wouldn't be ugly. Just a thought... You know... Lil sprinkles of wisdom... Pockets of intelligence... Sleepy rants. (LOL) I'm done.

  2. you know i do. and i sho as hell aint scared to bust it out on a girl either when she need somethin lol. I just downsized so dont talk about me too much. Lol.